Our Services

Back Pain

We offer Complex Pain Management/ Stimwave Stimulator

* Facet, SI  joint blocks, Epidurals

* The latest minimally invasive surgical techniques 

* Epidural and peripheral nerve modulation therapy

* Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Spine & Brain  

* ‚ÄčComplex & Minimally invasive Spine and Brain Surgery

* Bulging Disc/herniation

* Spinal Stenosis

* Fractured Disc

* Complex chronic Pain Management with implantable pain Stimulator-Stimwave

* Subdural Hematoma

* Intracranial Bleed

* VP Shunts

* Brain tumors

Movement Disorders 

* Surgical treatment for Parkinson's Disease, Essential-familial tremors and dystonia

* Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease, Dystonia and Essential tremors

* Botox facial Dystonia

* Movement disorders


* Brain Hemorrhage

* Hydrocephalus

* Brain Tumors

* Subdural Hematoma/Hemorrhages

* Intracranial Bleed

* VP Shunts



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